Friday, July 5, 2013

Lucky 7

Andrew was born 7/17, and 7 has always been his "lucky" number. The number seems to have found its way to Zoe. Zoe was born 12/7, weighing in at 7 lbs, 7 oz. Her mommy stayed in a hospital room number that was some derivative of 7, and she was born at 7-something at night. She has now reached her 7 month of life in the 7th month of the year, and we are looking forward to her best month yet!

Not much has changed this month. Zoe has began eating her vegetables, which my sister helped me make at home. I will be starting her on some fruits this month. Zoe really likes green and yellow squash, but is still not a big fan of broccoli (I have to agree with her). I love the home-made baby food because it doesn't have near the sugar content of the pre-
made stuff (although we do use it occasionally when we're out and about). She has also started feeding herself those little fruit puff snacks. She's managing to get more and more in her mouth (instead of the floor). She also has been using a soft sippy-cup instead of a bottle. Yay for my big girl!

Z has been working hard on her crawling, and gets up on all-fours regularly (she hasn't quite got the hang of forward-motion). She also gets on her hands and feet, like she would love to try to walk. Her preference is clearly to try to walk. We borrowed an Around-We-Go toy from my sister, and it is her favorite toy by-far. She walks around and around it, playing with all the toys. She'll even chase you. She walks in her Around-We-Go so much, we have started having to put socks on her because she has little blisters on the bottom of her feet! We have also started calling her DJ Z-Bot, because she loves to hammer on the attached piano!

We have been spending quite a bit of time in a pool this summer. Turns out I have a little water-baby! She LOVES swimming! She will splash her hands and kick her feet, and even puts her face in the water! She has a little "bumper boat" that I let her play in in the kiddie pool, and she goes EVERYWHERE!

Here is a little of what Zoe is up to this month:

Favorite Thing to Do: She loves to play in her Around-We-Go!
Favorite Food: Green and Yellow Squash...You can't get it in her mouth fast enough.
New This Month: Working on Crawling on all fours
Growth: Wearing all 6 month clothes. Per her 6 month visit, she's a skinny baby with a big head! (No wonder she's slow to crawl!)
Sleep: She hit the 6 month mark, and just started sleeping 7pm-6:15am. Hallelujah! 
Speaking: We are really convinced she is saying "Da-Da" and knows who that is. He'll leave the room, and she'll call him back!
Movement: She is a wiggler. I wish she would snuggle and cuddle a bit more, but she has things to do and people to see!
Behavior: She loves to get stranger's attention. I first noticed this on the Seattle trip, but it has gotten 
more intense since then...she stares at people until they look at her, then grins at them!

This is a video of Zoe walking in her Around-We-Go:

This is a video of DJ Z-Bot:

This is Zoe swimming in her Bumper Boat:

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