Thursday, March 7, 2013

March Madness: 3 Months!

Well little Zoe is now 3 months old. I think to myself everyday how fast time is going by. In a few short weeks, I will be coming up on the 1 year anniversary of finding out I was pregnant with her. What an amazing shock that was. She has been such a blessing to us!

Andrew and I are moving to Moore in just one week. I am very nostalgic about our first home we purchased; the place we brought Zoe home to. I am excited, however, to have the extra space. Zoe will have a playroom/office for her toys! This home purchase has been a stressful one for us, so we are just praying that this last little bit goes off without a hitch.

 Zoe has learned a lot this month, and so have I. I finally figured out that I needed to have a rough schedule of what we do each day, in order to make sure Zoe gets certain things like books and tummy time, and I get time to clean, do paperwork, etc. So far, it is working great for us. This month, Zoe has learned to roll over (front to back), is talking up a storm, and is attempting to use her hands (see videos below)!

This is what Zoe is up to this month:

Favorite Thing to Do:
She loves to talk while I am on the phone with people! She thinks I am talking to her! She also loves to play with the things that hang on her play-mat!
Favorite Food: Moms Milk. :-)
New This Month: Rolling over (back to front), and reaching for things with her hands!
Growth: 0-3month and 3 month clothes still! I think she may have another inch or so on her!
Sleep: We have been having trouble sleeping because of the move. She is now sleeping in her own bed (yay!), but is waking up every 4-5 hours :-(
Speaking: She has become quite the talker. She loves to make different sounds. We are working hard to get her to say mama and dada!
Movement: She still is sucking on her hands and I'm having a hard time getting her to stop. She is using her hands to try to reach for toys and things, so I'm hoping she can reach for that binky soon! She's doing great putting weight on her legs when we stand her up!
Behavior: She is a serious little girl. She smiles, but has yet to laugh. She really enjoys watching Sprout, and still loves spending time with Daddy!