Friday, February 7, 2014

Fourteen Months

This marks the 14th month of Zoe's existence (outside the womb, that is). Andrew just came home the other evening and was saying how she looks like a little girl now, not a baby. While this makes me sad, it also makes me proud and happy. I'm glad that she can play by herself when I need to get something done, and it's a relief that she can walk sometimes when my arms get full. There are perks of children growing older!

Sleep is still a real issue for us. I'm excited that our appointment with the sleep specialist is this month. I'm hoping that he can
provide guidance and insight into Zoe's problem with night-waking. She currently wakes anywhere between 2-7 times per
night. I live for the weekends when Andrew can watch her so I can sleep in!
We are also planning a trip to San Fransico this month. I can't wait. I'm hoping it goes a little better than our Seattle trip, and hopefully, Z sleeps a little better than our Vancouver trip. I always look forward to traveling and getting away for a few days. It makes for good opportunities to take lots and lots of pictures (which I love to do).

Zoe and I have been keeping busy. All of us were sick this last week with a stomach bug. It was brutal, but we managed to find a really fantastic pediatrician near us out of the whole ordeal. And, as an added bonus, he's a family practitioner, so he can see Andrew and I too! Now that we are feeling better, I'm looking for something to do that will give her opportunities to play with children her own age. She rarely gets to hang out with anyone, and so I'm not sure she knows how to play with other kids!

This is what's new this month:

Favorite Thing to Do: She really LOVES reading books, especially in the bath! She has also really been having fun playing dress-up. She gets into my clothes and wears things as hats and scarves constantly.
Favorite Food: She still REALLY loves cheese, pasta, and sushi. She tried her first turkey sandwich this month! 
New This Month: She has started trying to be helpful. She has a little mini broom that she uses to "help sweep," and she also sometimes helps put laundry in the washer/dryer!
Growth: All 12 month clothes. The doc said she weighs 19 lbs and is 30 in. long.
Sleep: Still really bad. Hopefully we get some answers this month!
Speaking: She has been getting better at talking. Sometimes I think only Andrew and I understand her, though. Just the other day at the dr's office, she picked up a toy phone and said "hello." She also did the ASL sign for "more" today (something Andrew has been working with her on).
Movement: She is still climbing. Sometimes she decides to be funny and crawl across a room.
Behavior: She has been sick, so she has been a bit whiny lately.