Monday, April 30, 2012

Telling The Family

Telling my family that I'm expecting is something I have been looking forward to. This is how each of them went...

My Mother-In-Law & Sister-In-Law: This one may have been the funniest of all... We gave my MIL a card that said Happy Mother's Day, then when you opened it, it said something about being grandmother's day in my heart. My MIL looks at it, chuckles, hands it to my SIL, and starts talking to Andrew about some air compressor....clearly she did not get it. My SIL then looks at the card, has a similar reaction, then makes the comment that the card is "cruel." "Why cruel?" I ask. "Well are you pregnant?" she says, in an off-hand sort of way that let me know she did not believe such a thing was possible. Epic Fail...

My Mom: We pretty much used the same method as we did with my MIL...a card and plant. She didn't get it either. Double Epic Fail...

My Sister: She got me a late birthday present, one that I knew would be clothes of some kind (what I had asked for). When I pulled a shirt out of the bag, I mentioned it would not be fitting much longer. She just went on like normal, so then I said something about my "big ol' belly in 4 months." My BIL beat her to the punch..."You're pregnant?". They were both really excited, and my sister let me borrow some of her books. Yay!

My Dad: My dad took us out to dinner. He is a big time coin collector, and it just so happens Andrew works for one of the largest dealers of gold and silver. We bought my dad a 2012 commemorative baby coin collection. When we handed it to him, he didn't get it at first…not until I pointed to the picture of a baby bed on the card it came on. He was so excited!

Friday, April 20, 2012


Thats right, the Duffle's are expecting a new addition to the family. I decided to start a little blog about it, that will hopefully keep me from obsessivly posting on facebook.