Our Story

Andrew and I met when we were 15 at a theme park in Oklahoma City. He proposed on December 24, 2005, and we married December 6, 2008. We love Christmas, so it is only fitting that our little one will be born in December.

Our Duffle baby was a bit of a surprise. We weren't really "trying" for a baby, but we were no less excited when we found out we were having one. I had been feeling a bit "under the weather" and finally decided to take a test. I was shocked to see two pink lines. I was so surprised, I locked the door to the bathroom and took a shower. It needed to sink in! When I finally opened the door, Andrew started complaining about me "hogging the bathroom" (we only had one). He stopped suddenly when he saw the test in my hand. His eyes got a little large, and he asked "what?" even though I am pretty sure he could guess. I started crying, saying "it's positive!" He just hugged me and we started laughing.

Our little girl has now arrived, and we have dove head-first into parenting! We love our little girl so much, and I am loving and learning to be a mommy!

In our free time, we enjoy everything DIY. When we purchased our first home before our daughter was born, we realized our love for "fixer uppers" and home do it yourself-type projects. We have moved a few times since then, and home projects are now our favorite pastime. we have learned a lot over the past few years of re-do's.

This blog started as a personal journal of my pregnancy and the first few years of my daughter's life. As we have grown and changed, so has this blog. It now includes everything from home re-do's and Pinterest reviews, to family updates and mommy life topics. It's unique, just like us!

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