Thursday, May 9, 2013

Mother MAY I??

Happy Mother's Day to all!

This May marks my very first mother's day as a mom. We probably won't do much, but I wanted to say a few words on the subject. I have several mom's in my life, and love each like crazy. I feel blessed to have these 3 lovely ladies in my life. My own mother is one of the most KIND-hearted people. She will do just about anything for anyone. I spent some time recently going through old family pictures, and created a slideshow for her for mother's day (I can't get it to post because the file is too large). I also took some pictures of her with Zoe. You can see that we had a blast! I am also
blessed to have an AMAZING mother-in-law. Everyone out there should be jealous. The woman is super sweet and thoughtful, and loves her children and grandchildren with all her heart! Finally,  Zoe's nanna (my dad's long-time girlfriend) has always been there for us. A friend if there ever was one! Love all these ladies!

Zoe just turned 5 months and is more active than ever! She loves to kick her feet when she's excited
(she does this alot in the bath or when she sees a bottle-see video), she talks all the time, rolls and scoots everywhere, and grabs things to put in her mouth. Mommy stays busy!

I have had several people ask lately if I ever get bored staying home with Zoe. The answer is no. The truth is that I absolutely love every second of it. I stay incredibly busy, and am hardly ever caught up on housework, but that is ok! I know that Zoe is getting everything she needs. I did recently start teaching swim lessons again at the Y for about 4 hours a week. I take Zoe to the day care at the Y while I go, which gives her some social interaction. (I did, of course, cry the first time I left her.) I just love
teaching swim lessons, but I am still watching and deciding whether this is a good fit for us.

Here is a little of what Zo is up to this month:

Favorite Thing to Do: She recently got some little cloth baby books at the store...she just loves looking at them!
Favorite Food: Moms Milk. :-)…Per APA recommendations, we will not be trying cereal until 6 months!
New This Month: Rolling and scooting EVERYWHERE...If you put her down on her tummy she rolls around until she gets where she wants to go!
Growth: No more 0-3 month clothes, and it looks like 3 month will soon be gone. Time to shop for some 6 month clothes!
Sleep: We are getting so much better with our sleep schedule. She sleeps through the night once or twice a week now. She's still not very consistent, but overall has improved drastically!
Speaking: Zoe unofficially said her first word- "Hi." Andrew was saying hi to her and she repeated it back to him! She also says "mama" on occasion. We are pretty sure it's just coincidence... but still fun!
Movement: She is our little roll polly. She just rolls around everywhere! She also kicks constantly! It's so fun to go get her out of her bed in the morning and she starts kicking because she's excited to see me!
Behavior: She is a happy baby…until she’s tired or hungry. She doesn’t give much warning in those cases, and can throw some pretty intense fits!