The Re-Do Album

(Second Home)
Kitchen Makover. See the blog post here.

(Second Home)
Finally! We have finished Zoe's bedroom! Added some thick crown moulding at the top and a chair rail in the middle. Half dark gray (which matches the cabinets in the rest of the house), half white paint, with light pink details. Gender neutral until you add the pink. Expresso furniture. Scrapbook paper mode-podge letters and pink and white flower pom-poms!


(Second Home)
This may be my favorite re-do yet! The 'before' picture doesn't do it justice...the front bathroom had half tile, half WHITE carpet. It was horribly stained. Eww. We retiled, did a bamboo backsplash, painted, put in new fixtures, and refinished the cabinet to a charcoal color with the Rustoleum kit all for around $250. Yay!

(Second Home)
A before and after of Zoe's playroom. We turned the closet into the office / craft nook. The chair pushes in and the closet doors shut to hide the mess. We also did child book shelves on the wall and framed the TV. Finally, crown molding for a finished look.

(Second Home)
A before and after of our Laundry Room.

Went with a nice teal color on the wall to brighten things up. The basket you see is to hold all the dirty burp rags, so I don't have to walk all the way to the laundry in the bedroom. Lower picture shows a little sign I made that designates whether the laundry is clean or dirty. Old drawer face with glass knobs on the wall to hang things.
(Second Home)
Here is a look at our living room before and after:
The weekend we moved in, we ripped up all the white carpeting and painted the walls a nice smooth stone color. We glued down the toast colored bamboo flooring. Then, of course, furniture, pictures, etc.
(First Home)
Our concept for the Duffle Baby nursery is simple. Our colors will be beige, white, kaki, and taupe, with accents of antique pink. No frills, no "themes." More pictures coming soon!

The Final Product:

Zoe's Room (Before)

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