Monday, May 30, 2016

The Weekend Pergola

Our weekend pergola project may be one of my favorite projects to date (of course I say that every time.) So here's the details...(scroll to the end for final pictures)

This was our backyard before:

Our backyard faced the setting sun. See that big table the hubby built? Yeah, love eating at it, but we never get to enjoy it because Oklahoma is HOT ya'll...

So we decided that a pergola was the most cost-effective solution. We would extend a pergola off the back of the house out to the end of the patio slab. Then we would add shades to the ends that pull down and block the sun.

So here is what we used (pretty much everything purchased at Lowes):

  • 2 8x6ft sun shades
  • stain and sanding materials
  • Quarter Round and trim (for edging the top and bottom of the post boxes)
  • String Lights
  • Bolts and washers
  • Screws
  • Nails and Trim Nailer
  • 7, 2x4x8's
  • 3 4x4x8's
  • 4 2x6x12's
  • 3 2x6x8's

I started with staining the wood before it was put up, which I highly recommend. It made things soooo much easier. I love the Canyon Brown color by Olympic Stain.

We basically started with the 3 main posts. We drilled brackets into the concrete slab, placed posts, leveled, and screwed in. Then we did 2 of the 2x6x12's across the top. We placed the cross posts and pocket screwed them to the house roof. Then we installed the shades. Followed by putting up the remaining 2x6x12's on the other side (so the blinds were sandwiched and not visible when rolled up). Finally, we finished up with some trim work.

Add a cute outdoor rug from Target, and some string lights from Lowes (along with re-staining the table to a matching color), and voila! Finished Product. All around $550 or so, and done in one 3-day weekend! :-)
Here is the final Product:
Inside with Screens Down:

Outside with Screens Down:

Inside with Screens Up:

Outside with Screens Up: