Thursday, June 23, 2016

Craft "Room"

Before we moved to our new home, we had redone this little closet in our previous house as a designated office/craft space. I LOVED it, but it had it's limitations. Namely, space. I had to be careful on what and how much I purchased when it came to craft supplies (first world problems). It was also quite difficult to locate specific items because everything was pretty jumbled together.

When we moved, I hoped to have a designated craft space eventually. When we redid our office, we didn't really install much in the way of storage. Plus, since it's one of the first rooms you see when you walk into our home, I didn't really want people to instantly have a view of my craft supplies strewn about.

So, everything was just crammed into the closet without much in the way of organization. It got out of control fast...

So a few months ago, I finally talked the handy hubby into helping me with a few "honey do's." He built a few shelves, hung a few pegboards, and the result is amazing. Sure, it's in the back of a closet so it's a little dark and space is still tight, but everything has a place now. I freshened it with a bit of paint, some peel and stick flooring, shelf paper, and buckets. Check it out...
The existing shelves in the closet were kept and utilized as storage for supplies. Peel and stick flooring was installed for easy mess clean-up.

We found a good spot for the mail and file cabinet, installed pegboard, and a chalk board for fun.

Painted pegboard, hooks, and mini buckets from target helped to organize supplies like ribbon, markers, and tulle.

An additional pegboard was installed to hold wrapping paper. The handy hubby made a paper organizer, and buckets were hung from the clothing racks to hold items like glue and popsicle sticks. 

The supports were kept from a previous shelf, and a different board was inserted as a desktop workspace.

Baby food jar lids were screwed to the underside of the shelf to hold knick knack items like paperclips and rubber bands.