Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Concrete Desk and Pipe Shelves: Office Transformation (Part 1)

For part one of the three-part Office Transformation series, I give you, our Concrete Desk and Pipe Shelves. With nods to both vintage and industrialist modern styles, this wall make's a statement in our new office, and I'm loving what it's saying...

The Concrete Desk- 
We purchased the legs unfinished from Lowe's, and the hubby built the reinforcement. I stained it all using Rust-oleum stain that my SIL put me on to (See her DIY Crate Coffee Table Here). I
used a combo of the American Walnut and the Kona color's. The hubby then build a form to pour the concrete into using laminated board (this board works soooo much better than anything else because it doesn't absorb the water from the concrete mixture). Once dry, the concrete will need to be sealed with a concrete sealer (we didn't do any sanding on ours because we liked the look as-is). Andrew bolted the wood part of the desk to the wall, then we had to get some serious assistance carrying in the piece of concrete for the top (for real, this thing is HEAVY). We put down some blobs of glue and set it into place, and voila! A desk!

Pipe Shelves-
I saw these all over Pinterest, and I just had to have them. Andrew and I debated the placement, size and location of them, but we knew we wanted them for our office. I love how they turned out, and they were relatively easy to make and install. We went to the home improvement store and purchased the pipe fixtures from the plumbing section. They were the perfect size, so no cutting was needed. We then purchased the board and cut it into three varying lengths. I wanted something that looked "reclaimed" so we looked for the gnarliest piece of lumber we could find.
Once cut, I stained them with the same stain I used for the legs of the desk, starting first with the American Walnut, then lightly coating with the Kona. Once dry, we just set the wood on the pipes and filled them with our treasures. They are very sturdy since the pipe caps help keep them wedged into place.

Pulley Light-
The hubby added this at the last minute. We purchased the pendant light for about $20, and the basket shade for another $10. Then, we added a pulley and hook. It plugs into the outlet like a lamp, and I just love the vintage, Edison bulb!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Office Transformation- The Sliding Barn Door! -Cassie

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