Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Adventures, Doctors, and Dad's

Just a quick update-

We had an interesting adventure to Seattle. Zoe did fairly well on the airplane until the very last flight home (a 30 min. trip from Dallas), when her ears did not pop on the way up...She screamed bloody murder for 15 min. Sooo embarrassing, but what can you do? She had a hard time sleeping away from home and we had a difficulty because we got so far off nap schedule, so she was a bit cranky there, but overall did ok. A and I got food poisoning on the last afternoon there so it definitely ended with a bang!

Zoe saw the doctor today for her 6month wellness check! She is perfectly healthy and right on track. She is 26 inches long (65%), 15 lb. 4 oz. (15%), and
43 1/2 cm head circumference (77%). In other words, she's still a skinny baby with a big head! Shots were TERRIBLE this time though...she recognized the doctor and nurse and started crying as soon as the walked in and clutching onto me! I felt like a terrible person handing her over and letting them poke her...

Finally, we had a great father's day! Zoe made her
daddy a collage for his desk at work. He is just the best daddy to Zoe...we are lucky ladies! I also wanted to tribute my dad, Zoe's grandpa. What a great man!!

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