Friday, June 7, 2013

Half a Year

My Zoe is 6 months! I know I say it every month, but time goes too quickly. Everyone told me to enjoy infanthood, and I wish I would have done a little more of that. Its easy to get caught up in all that needs
to be done, and with next-to-no sleep, its hard to complete daily tasks. But never again will she be that tiny. There is a part of me that misses the snuggle sessions during the 2 am feedings. As you can tell I'm quite nostalgic already, and she's still a baby!

We are going to be braving our first airplane ride tomorrow, for a much needed short vacation to Seattle. I am super nervous about it, and hoping she doesn't decide to throw an almighty fit in the middle of the flight. I'll be sure and post when we get back with all our vacation photos. Heres to hoping for some relaxation and fun.

Zoe is officially mobile this month. She rolls and twists, and is occasionally using an army crawl to get around! She is quite good at going backwards, and can occasionally go forwards. As such, we have completed the playroom for the most part, so that I can put her in there and not worry about her getting into something she shouldn't! She is not quite sitting up on her own yet but very close. She seems to forget sometimes and just falls over. However, she is finally steady enough for the umbrella stroller...TG!

She is doing really well with her routine this month. She is finally sleeping without a swaddle (a REALLY hard habit to break), and seems to generally fall asleep at the same times each day. For the most part, she sleeps 8-5, but we
have some struggles about 2 nights a week. :-/ I have decided that she is just not a good sleeper, something she must have got from her daddy, as I could sleep 13 hours a day if you let me!

Zoe finally seems to be growing a bit. She has definitely put some weight on, and is moving out of those 3 month clothes. She has her 6 month appt. coming up, so I can't wait to see how much she's grown! We will also be starting food this month. Andrew and I occasionally let her taste something from our plates, and now know that she is a huge fan of anything with spaghetti sauce, which would explain all those cravings for italian.

Here is a little of what Zoe is up to this month:

Favorite Thing to Do: She really loves playing with her cousins. One of her cousins, G, makes her crack up laughing every time their together (see video). It is adorable!
Favorite Food: Spaghetti sauce from moms finger! ;-) We start food this month.
New This Month: Army Crawl! She is definitely mobile!
Growth: Wearing mostly 6 month clothes now!
Sleep: We are getting so much better with our sleep schedule. She sleeps through the night once or twice a week now. She's still not very consistent, but overall has improved drastically!
Speaking: She has a habit of talking really loud, especially when she's hungry or sleepy. She still loves having conversations with Andrew after work.
Movement: As mentioned, she is army crawling. She also does this new thing when she's excited, where she kicks and wiggles back and forth. Pretty cute.
Behavior: She's become a much happier baby now that she has a pretty good routine! We can even get her to giggle when she's in a good mood!

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