Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Baby Shower Invitation #2

This is the second installment of my two-part baby invitation tutorial. This particular invite was done for  my sister's baby shower.

Lady Bug Invitation

What You'll Need:
  1. Brads (we used jeweled brads, which can be found at the craft store)
  2. Patterned Scrapbook paper
  3. Non-patterend Scrapbook Paper
  4. Google Eyes (We found girly ones with eyelashes at the craft store)
  5. Vellum
  6. Pipe Cleaners
  7. Paper Cutter, Scissors, etc.
  8. Clear, roll-on Double Sided Tape
  9. Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun
  10. Recommended-Cricut Cutter
How-To Assemble:
  1. This invitation is basically made-up of circles. A Circuit Cutter makes this MUCH easier, and more professional looking. 
  2. Cut a circle in your non-patterend paper.  (This will make up the body of the bug)
  3. Run your vellum through the printer with your wording (be sure you do this with a laser printer and fast-dry ink...otherwise you will have a smeared mess)
  4. Cut your vellum into a circle slightly smaller than your non-patterened circle.
  5. Adhere the velum to the non-patterend circle using the clear, roll-on double-sided tape. one small strip on the upper sides will do.
  6. Cut a circle from your patterned paper that is ever so slightly larger than your non-patterened circle. Fold your pattered paper in half and cut down the middle.
  7. Place the two half's of your patterned paper over the non-patterned/vellum circle. Slightly overlap in the middle. Secure with a brad. Use a brad hold-punch for a more professional look. 
  8. Cut a small circle in your non-patterend paper, and cut in half (this will make up the head of the bug. You can use the other half on your next invite).
  9. Adhere the small half-circle to the body using the clear, roll-on double sided tape.
  10. Adhere google eyes with the roll-on double sided tape (put the tape on the eyes, then press them firmly onto the head).
  11. Cut and curl two small pieces of pipe cleaner. Adhere using hot glue. 
Feel free to private message me should you prefer to pay to have these invites made for you!

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