Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Quick January Post

I'm playing catch up, and realized I have not blogged for January yet. Life has been a blur of bliss...Better late than never!

It has been a busy month. The last I blogged was Dec. 19th, so a lot has been happening. Christmas was amazing this year. My sister and her family stayed with us for a bit just before they took off to live in Florida. It was like a mix between a Giswald Family Christmas and that part in the movie "Christmas with the Kranks" where they are racing around trying to get everything ready for the big party. I loved every second of it. Zo made out like a bandit, as always. I still need to sort through toys to get rid of the old some stuff to make room for new. With JBF coming up, hopefully I get around to it soon.

Shortly after the new year, Andrew and I left for our trip to Europe. We left Z with Andrew's mom and visited London and Dublin, along with several other spots around England and Ireland. It was a great trip, but I missed Zoe like crazy. The weather was bonkers in Ireland...the locals kept saying that it was the worst they had seen in years! It even snowed a bit.

We just made it back last weekend, and I'm still trying to get caught up with all of the phone calls and things I have missed. I actually cannot wait to go back to work at the children's day out program this week. I have missed it, which is odd because although I have loved my previous employment obligations, I find working at CDO highly satisfying in a different sort of way. I actually look forward to and enjoy working there each week. On another note, I did manage to already book another trip in the few days I have been back...a trip to Florida in March to see my sister and her new baby!! I am so very excited. It'll be just Z and I, and my first time traveling alone with her! 
Here is what is new with Z:

Favorite Thing to Do: She got some paints for Christmas and asks to paint almost every day!
Favorite Food: Fruit Snacks ("mummies") and Bagels
New This Month:  She has started flopping to the floor when you tell her no. Talk about paying for your raising.
Growth: Same
Sleep: My MIL worked her magic on her, because ever since we got home, she has been sleeping like 13-14 hours straight (at least!)
Speaking: We have found that she really likes to sing. She walks around with a high pitch "loo loo loo" all. the. time. I love the sound, but it is hardly ever quite at my house!
Movement: She got a bike for Christmas, so we have been working to get her to understand to peddle her feet. She isn't quite tall enough for it yet.
Behavior: She flops in the floor when we say no...need I say more?

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