Friday, December 19, 2014

Age 2 (24 Months)

This will be a short one, since I have already posted on the particulars of Zoe's birthday.

I am super behind on updating. Between Zoe's birthday and the holiday's, I have been running
around like a crazy person trying to get everything done. My sister moves in less than a month, so I have been trying to soak up every last moment with her. Z will be so disappointed to not get to play with her cousins all the time!

We did get our first snow fall right after my last post in early November. Z wasn't as crazy about it as I thought she would be. She thought it was pretty from inside the warmth of the house, but didn't much care for trudging around in it!

So Thanksgiving was fun this year, and kicked our season off with a bang. We loved spending time with everyone. We did make it out for a few black friday deals, even though they started ridiculously early this year. I got a new phone, which was super exciting for me, since I have had the same one for awhile now! We also got a large portion of our Christmas shopping to wrap it all!

Thanksgiving melted right into Zoe's birthday and Andrew and I's anniversary. It was a super fun weekend. Andrew and I managed to make it to a nice dinner to celebrate, and Z had a blast spending time with everyone at her birthday. My aunt even made it for the festivities from Tulsa, which was great! Z made out like a bandit, and it's alarming how quickly we are running out of space for all her things. When I look at her overflowing playroom, it makes me want to sell everything and move into one of those "mini houses" I see on that TV show! LOL! In all honesty, however, we are super thankful and blessed!

So here is what is new:

Favorite Thing to Do: We have been doing an advent calendar this year with Z. She LOVES checking it every morning, along with looking for "Elfa's" (our Elf on a Shelf) new location!
Favorite Food: She requested sushi on her birthday, but they were closed, so we ended up at the Melting Pot instead! She loved all the fruit that came with dessert!
New This Month:  She can count to 20, loves building "cave's" (forts) out of blankets, can identify most of the letters and their sounds, and likes little babies (real and pretend).
Growth: We had our 24 month check up recently and she finally grew! She grew 2 inches since her last check-up, putting her in the 55th percentile on height, and her weight went up a bit, putting her at the 25th percentile!
Sleep: She usually sleeps through the night, but has had a cough for a week or two that wakes her up!
Speaking: She never stops talking...Other than "stop it!" and "no, no, no, no," (her favorites), one of her new phrases is "oooh, my!"
Movement: A little wild child... She got a mini trampoline for her birthday/christmas that she LOVES. She'll go jump on it and wear herself out, which is awesome!
Behavior: She moves up to a new room at school in Jan, which is a good thing, because she gets handsy with the little one's. She needs to be in a room where she can get a dose of her own medicine!

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