Friday, September 12, 2014

Mama Mia (21 Months)

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes that baby in the baby carriage. A sweet story, but in reality, motherhood is no fairytale. It's a labor of love, that we would trust to no one else, and while some days are smelly, sticky, and stressful, we love our job as mommies- and love our babies even more. It's our job to raise them to be well-rounded, happy adults in a world where the pressure to be perfect can be overwhelming. On top of that, babies grow at an alarming rate...seriously, one day your wiping spit up, the next they are walking, talking children...theres hardly enough time to remember to go grocery shopping (because you're out of milk and diapers AGAIN), when are we supposed to get to the "important" stuff?

I've been so busy lately I've been trying to remind myself to step back and get some perspective. While I may stay home with Z, I still seem to overwhelm myself with daily tasks. That being said, she's the most important thing. SO if you drop by my house anytime, it may not be clean, and I may still be in my PJ's, but I'm choosing to sacrifice those things to spend the time with her that she needs.

So what is it I've been up to you ask? Well, a lot, actually. I have had LOTS of photo sessions over the past few months. Nothing like announcing your on hiatus to induce a frenzy of people booking before you're officially "done" for awhile. However, I am done taking any new bookings, and have just a few more sessions (and a Mt. Everest-sized mountain of editing), and I am officially taking a "break." 

In addition to photography, I have also been volunteering with SCU on their inauguration celebration of their new president, Dr. Reggies Wenyika- my former boss, and someone I respect a great deal. I'm honored to be working on the committee, and I love working with the folks at SCU- they are always so kind and welcoming. Next week, will be the inauguration, and then I will be gearing up to teach another adult-studies (night course) in October!

Then there is my new "job" at the Children's Day Out program. I'm several weeks in now, and I love it. It's so nice to go do something regularly each week, where I feel like I'm making a difference. It's also awesome for Z, because she gets to make new friends and learn new things. The downside is the germs. She got hand, foot, mouth, and I would not wish that horribleness on anyone. Z was SO sick last week, but was thankfully feeling well enough to attend CDO this week.

In addition to all that, we just got back from a brief "vacation" in South Carolina, where my SIL got married to my new BIL! It was a beautiful wedding, and she was kind enough to let me take the pictures! We had such a good time, and it was nice to get away for awhile. Z LOVED the beach, and thought the waves were hilarious!
It seems like there is a lot new with Z this month too...

Favorite Thing to Do: She has really got into coloring. She's actually pretty good at it too. She actually attempts to color in the lines (when it suits her), and can even make a #1! She seems to be right-handed (Andrew's disappointed)
Favorite Food: She likes corn dogs (I know, I know...healthy, right?). She still really likes fruit, and asks for "peashes" (peaches) all the time. 

New This Month:  She has started stringing words together in two and three word sentences. Some of my favorites are "thank you, mama (or dada)" and "I got you!"
Growth: I think she lost some weight with hand, foot, mouth. When we were at the doc, she weighed in at 23lbs.
Sleep: She has her ups and downs. She is still taking something of a morning nap some days, and other days only wants an early afternoon nap. It gets really confusing, and difficult to plan our day!
Speaking: Her vocabulary has really exploded this month. I have lost track of all her new words and phrases. It's crazy how they just start picking up and mimicking EVERYTHING you say! 

Movement: One of her favorite games is "ring around the rosie" where she spins until she falls down! She was also a hit at the wedding where she "twerked" to the music at the reception (she literally dances by putting her hands on her knees and shaking her booty...LOL you can't make this stuff up!)
Behavior: Yikes. Between the vacation where there was zero structure, and her illness last week, she has really fallen off the wagon. We are going to have to get back on-track because she's acting a little bonkers!

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