Thursday, October 9, 2014

Falling for FALL

Welcome to October. Officially fall, if only the weather would cooperate. Regardless, we made it to Orr Family Farm for a hay ride, pumpkin patch, and all the other fun festivities. It was a blast. Zoe really likes pumpkins for some reason, so she was thrilled to get to take her own home!

This has been a busy month, but I have finally finished the backlog on photo editing. I have one more scheduled photo session, and then I'm officially done. It feels nice to have some time again, and I'm not sure I'll be taking clients for quite awhile.

Despite the time restraints, quite a bit has happened this month. I
have had two baby showers to attend (both having baby boys!). We also made it to the State Fair, which was a bit of a disaster (z didn't get a nap that day). It was still fun though, and a great tradition (we always go on the $2 day).

The inauguration for SCU's president was this past month. It was great to see the process through from beginning with the President Search Committee, to the inauguration itself. I also just began teaching a 5 week night course for SCU again. I love teaching, and seeing all the students, faculty, and staff on the SCU campus!

In addition to all of that, I have still been working at the Children's Day Out program every week. Z has come a long way. She has mostly quit crying when I leave her, and has become a big help to the other teachers. I love picking her up at the end of the day, because she always gives me the biggest hug. :-)

In the next month, I'm looking forward to Halloween-Zoe will be a black cat, in a tutu, of course, and spending time
with my family and little girl. I can't wait to get started on Zoe's birthday festivities in December, Thanksgiving, our trip in January, and of course Christmas!

Favorite Thing to Do: Talking, Playing outside, and Going to Grandmas (Grandma keeps her when I teach night class)
Favorite Food: She really loves mac and cheese, but I can't give it to her very often.  
New This Month:  A bucket-full of new words and phrases.
Growth: I think she may be taller? Still in 18 month clothes.
Sleep: She is almost completely done with a morning nap, and only takes afternoon ones now. She has also been going to bed after 7 almost every night.
Speaking: She's so chatty. She talks all.the.time. Some her new favorites are "how are you?", spelling her name, and counting to 5 in English (and 3 in Spanish). 
Movement: It's no wonder she stays so small. 1. she never stops moving and 2. she runs everywhere she goes
Behavior: Nap's are essential, but her teachers at CDO recently told me she deserves a politeness award. She says please and thank you after EVERYTHING!

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