Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fun and Sun

It's been a good month. Little Z is getting bigger by the day. She has started talking pretty well, and she can make her wishes known 99% of the time. Some of her favorite words/phrases are "oh no!", "please", and she loves to scream "mama" or "dada" on repeat if one of us leaves the room or walks away.

Since my last post, I have been helping SCU again with the planning of their inauguration festivities for their new President. It's a volunteer kind of thing, but I really enjoy working with them, and it's fun to help with the creative aspects. I have also been looking into possibly taking a position or subbing with a mother's day out program. I feel like it would really give Z a wonderful opportunity to socialize and learn from someone other than me and A.

I have also been keeping quite busy with photography. I started shooting in manual a few months ago,
which has opened up lots of doors creatively. I also joined an online group that provides some constructive criticism from pros. It has been amazingly helpful, and I feel like I'm improving daily!

As for Z, we have had to really crack down with some time-outs lately. She is sassy to say the least, and has developed the habit of throwing fits if she doesn't get her way. She has been doing better the last week or so since we cracked down. She's really a sweet little girl, but she has
her mommy's attitude. ;-)

I'm excited for our next vacation in a few weeks...we get to go to SC for my SIL's wedding! It will be beautiful, and I can't wait to take the pictures! Then, in January, A and I scheduled a trip to Ireland and London! I am over the moon about it, and am so pumped to share it all!

Here is what is new this month:

Favorite Thing to Do: She still loves swimming. We have got to take her to Andy Alligators twice now and she loves it!
Favorite Food: She has started being a bit more picky about food. One of her recent fav's is miso soup at the sushi restaurant!
New This Month:  She has started pointing to old injury's and saying (in her whiniest voice) "Oh No! A Boo Boo!"
Growth: I'm a little lost on sizes because she is right in the middle. I'm not sure what to get her for winter. She still fits 12 month shirts and shorts, but pants seem to be 18 months (and some shirts). I think she may be mid-growth spurt though.
Sleep: She has had some issues with losing her blankie in the middle of the night, but we nipped it and no more issues! She also seems to be eliminating her second (morning) nap, which is a relief.
Speaking: She loves to talk. She has recently started mumbling nonsense to us when we ask her a question. She is learning new words every day. 
Movement: This girl is bonkers. She runs, jumps, spins and dances. She also falls...a lot.
Behavior: We have had a few behavior issues with her, and she has definitely been a little sassy lately. We are working on it!

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