Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Growing Up

It's been awhile since I did a family update, and I though I would share what we have been up to!

Since buying our new home at the beginning of March, we have been diligently working on unpacking boxes (there's still a good-sized pile in the garage, however), painting, and working on furniture and "redo" type projects. I'm in heaven, because there are so many fun things to work on, design, and do! I am also very pleased to say that the photography side business is going very well, and I am almost completely booked until July! It's such a great way for me to meet new people and get occasional adult interaction.

About two weeks after we moved in, Z and I took a trip to see my sister in Florida. She lives about 40 minutes outside of Orlando now (and about 25 from Cocoa Beach), so it was like a little mini-vacation for us. We went for a whole week, and I really loved catching up with my sister, as well as meeting my new nephew. It's a shame we live so far away now, but we talk frequently, and hopefully she'll be able to come visit soon.

And what's new with Z? While we were in Florida, Andrew changed Z's bed into a toddler bed, and made a toddler rail that looks great (it still needs to be painted). She had zero issues with it, and has done very well with it so far.

In addition to that, TMI here...BUT, week before last, I randomly put underwear on Zoe one day to see how she would do. Mind you, she hadn't really shown much interest in potty training prior to this. In fact, she had never even done her business in a toilet prior to her last day at daycare at the beginning of March, and since that, really hasn't had a repeat performance but once or twice. Nevertheless, the underwear apparently was what she was waiting for, because she is pretty much fully potty trained during the day (we will work on night training later). Woohoo for no more diapers!

On top of the potty training milestone, while we were on our trip back from Florida, Zoe chewed the tip off her binky (I let her have it on the plane for her ears). Even though I do have backup pacifiers, I told her that was the only one we had. Through the next week or so, Andrew and I laid the groundwork for the "Binky Fairy." We kept trimming small amounts from the tip of the binky, and explaining that the binky fairy would soon come and give her a gift in exchange for her binky. It worked after a week or so. She wasn't even really using the binky anymore because there wasn't much left. We convinced her to put the binky outside on the porch, and in the morning, a fairy costume was in it's place. We haven't heard anything about the pacifier since! I was so worried we would never get rid of that thing, so yay!

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