Sunday, December 8, 2013

ONE Year!

Happy Birthday to Zoe!

It is amazing how fast children grow. It really makes you realize how short life really is. Zoe has progressed from tiny infant, to giggling baby, to a walking/talking toddler in just a few months time. The nostalgia is setting in as I think back to this time last year. The bright blue lights out my hospital window, and the excitement of a new baby. The midnight cuddles and feedings, and the smell of Johnson's sleepy time lotion.

After going in around midnight on December 7th, 2012, I quickly progressed to a 4. Then things slowed down. At around 6pm the following day, I was finally approaching a 9/10, but Z was not turned the right way (she was sideways). I pushed and pushed while they tried to turn her, but she just got stuck and couldn't make it down. At 7:47pm Zoe was born by C-section. I could barely keep my eyes open, but focused on the little crying person across the room. My husband brought her over for me to see and I just cried. I've never been so tired and so happy. I finally got to hold her some 20 min later, then shared her with our families some time after that. It was a rough couple nights in the hospital. The first night I was very sick from not eating since about 6pm on Dec. 6th, and all the meds. I kept falling asleep mid-sentence and while BF Zoe. The second night, Zoe had a bit of colic from my lack of production. She cried a lot,  but we made it through the night and went home the next day. The early days at home were a blur of sleep, midnight feedings, and trying to keep enough laundry and dishes done to function. Thankfully, we had lots of family help and meals. It seems like she grew quickly and changed daily. I literally watched her grow before my eyes, and was there for every milestone.

We have now made it to the toddler phase, and I think "terrible two's" may have come a little early. There is no question that little Zoe inherited some of my personality traits. Ornery and strong-willed don't even begin to cover it. She is also very sweet, VERY curious, and happy.

This month she has finally learned to stand up without pulling up (which she started on thanksgiving). She also loves to sing and dance, and brings us books to read her constantly. She also is getting better at telling us what she wants. She will bring us her empty snack cup or sippy when she wants a refill!

Her birthday was a success. She got lots of toys and clothes. One of her favorite items is a music set. She has been playing the xylophone every day! For more info and pictures of Zoe's Winter ONE-derland birthday, see next post.

Here is what is new this month:
Favorite Thing to Do: Reading books and anything musical
Favorite Food: She still really loves pasta! 
New This Month: Standing position without pulling up.
Growth: All 12 month clothes. The pants still don't fit her waist though!
Sleep: She is having a hard time sleeping lately. She never really recovered from Vancouver.
Speaking: She says mama, dadda, hi, bye, backpack, look, this and that. She is working on new words and sounds every day.
Movement: Walking and sometimes running!
Behavior: She has got in the habit of throwing tantrums when she doesn't get her way. lovely. 

Here is a video of Zoe's first year:

Here are a few more pics from the party!

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