Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pinterest PIck: Homemade Edible (Baby) Paint

I've been scouring Pinterest for some good indoor activities given that the weather is changing. I have been dying to do some arts and crafts with Z, so when I came across a pin for Edible Finger Paint on Pinterest, I decided to try it out.

1 to 2 ratio of flour to water. (I used 1 cup flour, 2
cups water, which made about 5 baby food jars)
Baby Food Jars or some kind of container 
Food Coloring

1. Poor water in pot and slowly stir in flour over medium-low heat.
2. Heat and stir regularly (the flower tends to separate and sink to the bottom, so stir frequently!).
3. The mixture will slowly begin to thicken. Once it reaches desired consistency, turn off heat.
4. Divide mixture into containers, and add Food coloring. Mix well.
5. Allow to cool before use. Refrigerate after use.

P.S. I use this in the bathtub. When she's done painting, I just turn on the water and the mess is gone!


  1. I just tried your recipe, we'll try to do something for father's day ssshhhhh it's a secret ;-)