Thursday, February 7, 2013

2 Months!

 Can you believe it?! It seems like a week has passed since "Zobot" has come home from the hospital, however, she is already 2 months old!! I just can't believe how big she already is. I really have no idea when she quit looking and acting like a newborn!

I feel like our lives are becoming slightly more routine. Zoe is doing great with her sleep schedule (her routine is now 6-7 hours between feedings!). We are still going to bed early, between 8 and 9 pm, but that is not that different than before I was pregnant!

As you know, I recently resigned from my job to take care of Zoe. It has been the best decision we ever made. I love watching how she changes each day. Things are about to get really busy, however, because we have decided to move (after all that work we put into the nursery!) We have sold our home, and purchased a slightly larger place in Moore (better school district). I am sad to leave the home that has so many memories for us, but will be glad to have the extra space! Let the packing with a baby begin!

Zoe is definitely learning and growing. She is officially out of newborn clothes (sniff. sniff), and is sporting 0-3 and 3 month outfits. She is getting in her eyebrows and eyelashes which seem to be from her daddy's genetics (yay!). She is talking now, but she is the quiet type, and only talks when she's excited. She also smiles at people she recognizes!

This is what Zoe is doing this month:

Favorite Thing to Do: Eat (still) She also really likes to sing songs!
Favorite Food: Moms Milk. :-)
New This Month: Talking and responding to people she recognizes
Growth: 12lbs? (2 month appointment is next week!)- 0-3month and 3 month clothes.
Sleep: 6-7 Hours
Speaking: She makes lots of different sounds, and loves to coo!
Movement: She has been sucking on her hands, and she is still straightening her legs! She has also been doing pretty good in her Bumbo seat!
Behavior: She has been recognizing both of her grandma's lately! She also loves when her daddy talks to her!

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