Monday, January 7, 2013

1 Month

One month has passed since Zoe joined our family. She is getting so big!

We visited the doctor last week, and Zoe is already 9lbs! According to the doctor, Zoe is in the 88th percentile on head size, 68th percentile on length, and 58th percentile on weight. She's a big girl!

This week, Zoe has been much more active. She keeps her eyes open more now (which are very clearly going to be brown- just like mine), and is noticing noises and voices. She definitely recognizes her mom and dad, and she even gave me a half-smile late last week (after a rousing rendition of the hokie-pokie). She is also trying to use her hands on occasion, and she straightens her legs when in my lap like she wants to stand up! Also new this week, we have been trying to get Zoe on a sleep schedule, which has been difficult. Usually, we get her to sleep 3-5 hours before she wakes up to eat, but sometimes its more like 2... If only it was consistent!

This is what Zoe is doing this month:

Favorite Thing to Do: Eat!
Favorite Food: Moms Milk. :-)
New This Month: Smiling and responding to voices.
Growth: 9lbs- almost in 0-3month clothes.
Sleep: 3-5 Hours
Speaking: Lots of Grunting, and the occasional coo.
Movement: Using her hands, lots of kicking, and straightening her legs! Has really good head-control!
Behavior: She loves her momma!

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