Wednesday, May 16, 2012


For those of you that don't know, I recently dropped around 27 pounds on Weight Watchers. While it was the easiest diet I have ever been on, it was no easy task. I finally got down to a weight I was comfortable with, and was finally able to fit those skinny jeans that had been in the back of my closet for several years.

Ever since I became pregnant, I have had an insatiable appetite. It seems like I am always hungry. Along with that has come some big time cravings for full-flavor ice cream, which I did not think would be a big deal since I have always heard that if your pregnant, you are "eating for two." It's a free license to eat whatever you want, right?? Wrong. My doctor, along with his staff and the pregnancy books I am reading, have all been sure to inform me that I must continue to carefully consider every morsel that goes into my mouth. Bummer.

At their suggestions, I have been carefully tracking my weight to ensure that my weight gain stays under control, and within the "healthy" guidelines. I was feeling like I have gained about 20 lbs back, but was always surprised to step on the scale to find that I had not moved an ounce....that is, until this week. That's right...the first pound has found its way to my midsection (I, of course, look more like 10-15 pounds have settled there). Of course, the problem with being around 10 weeks is that you don't necessarly "look" pregnant....just chubby. Luckly I bought clothes as I lost weight, so I still have a good amount of items that still fit (those skinny jeans have found there way back into the back of the closet).

I don't really mind that much, because I know this extra weight is going to a good cause- the nurishment of that little one. I am just ready to actually "look" pregnant... :))

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