Friday, March 7, 2014

Hop, Skip, and a JUMP

Fifteen months is here, and while it's getting hard to keep track of months now, I can't seem to stop...
Whatever will I do when she turns two?

A few weeks ago, we took a short vacation to San Francisco.  Of all the trips we have taken thus far with Z, this has gone the smoothest. We were careful about our flight selection this time, opting for flight times that had minimal nap and sleep interference. We also booked a suite, so that Z could sleep without interruption. It really made a difference, and resulted in a much more peaceful trip. We also booked Southwest, which allows us to check bags for free. It is super nice when you are traveling with kids! (we don't check bags on other airlines, even when traveling with Z). Of course, theres always flight and airline delays, which are completely out of your control or theirs. This time, it was a two hour one, right in the heart of nap time. We survived, and still made it home in one piece!

As far as Zoe goes, a lot has happened this month. For one, Z is hopping and jumping now. Except, not really. She makes a big production, but her feet don't ACTUALLY leave the ground. It's pretty funny.

She also is talking much more and picking up on things I wouldn't believe possible for someone so young. Children's minds amaze me. If only we could all learn so fast. Just the other day, I heard her in the play room saying "bac, bac." I went to investigate, and discovered she was reading about the Ugly Ducking- the book has a chicken in it. I sat down to read the book, and when I reached the page with the duck, she said "quack!" then went to get her toy rubber ducky and held it next to the duck in the book. Talk about making a connection!

We also had our sleep appointment this month. It went well, and we have been implementing some of the doctor's orders already. It is going fairly well, other than some hold up we have had over her two year molars coming in (finally, more than 6 teeth!!). I will be writing a sleep post with all the details, soon!

As for me, I am still helping out here and there at Southwestern Christian University. This next month, I get to teach a class for the first time in awhile! I'm very excited!

Here is what is new with Z this month:
Favorite Thing to Do: She loves demonstrating her physical abilities- spinning, jumping, climbing, etc.
Favorite Food: She still REALLY loves cheese, pasta, and sushi still. Anything NON-American...
New This Month: Jumping
Growth: All 12 month clothes. 
Sleep: Look for my post in the next few weeks!
Speaking: She has been getting better at talking and signing for what she wants. She is also good at making animal sounds.
Movement: Climbing and jumping
Behavior: She has been super loving and has been hugging us all the time!

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