Sunday, September 8, 2013


I seriously had to go back and read last month's entry, because hardly anything has changed in the 8 to 9 month stretch...

I feel like we hit a road block. Zoe is stuck in that between-stage where she's crawling so fast over the floor she's leaving a line of smoke, pulling up
and trying to stand on her own, but nevertheless, she is not yet walking. She is much more steady on her feet now and cruising around furniture like it was put there for her use, but she just hasn't progressed to walking on her own yet or even taking steps on her own. I, of course, am in NO hurry to move this walking thing along. My only two issues with the crawling is that she finds every small particle available to put in her mouth, and she wears out the knees of any pair of pants I put on her!

As far as her social progress, I am not sure how this child became such an extrovert when she has two introverted parents. She just loves attention. She will now (for the most part) wave hi (and bye), clap her hands when you say "yay," and give "fives." We are working on blowing kisses goodnight.

Andrew and I have been busy with house projects, and I have been doing lots of craft projects. I have already finished Zoe's Halloween costume, because I was just so darn excited to
make it (she will be a little witch).

Here is what she has been up to this month:

Favorite Thing to Do: She has discovered mom's pots and pans and spoons. She loves to sit in the kitchen floor and bang around!
Favorite Food: She is really starting to diversify her diet. She is a big-time snacker, but still really loves fruit for breakfast. She has been loving bananas this month!
New This Month: Waiving, clapping, and giving "fives." And her two bottom teeth that came in within a week of each other!
Growth: She is between sizes. She has some 6 month, some 6-9 month. Her 9 month stuff is still a little large, but since it is mostly fall clothes and it has been 100 degrees, that works just fine!
Sleep: Sleeping through the night!

Speaking: She loves jabbering. She tries to say hi and bye, but can't quite get it figured out. You can tell she's trying hard to get her sound to match ours!
Movement: Super fast crawler, pulling up on everything, but can't stand long on her own yet, and not ready for her first steps just yet!
Behavior: She is mostly a good baby, and can keep herself entertained for awhile. However, she is an extrovert and really prefers having someone to play with and talk to!

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