Wednesday, July 18, 2012

An Update...

It has been a while since I have posted. In the midst of preparing for our Duffle baby, we just took a trip to Europe, and I start a new job next week…eeeek!

I am no longer prone to morning sickness (thank goodness!), as I am now well into my 2nd trimester (week 20). I have another ultrasound appointment on Friday, and I am completely freaked out that I will go in and they will tell me it’s now a boy. Not because I want a girl that bad, but because we have purchased a TON of girl stuff and I DO NOT want to have to return it all!

On another note, last week we took a trip to Europe. We had a fantastic time, but the best part was that I felt Zoe kick for the first time! I have felt her several times since then… it’s very odd, but wonderful feeling. I can’t wait until she is doing it all the time! We took lots of pictures to show Zoe where she has been, since she won’t remember. I am finally getting something close to a baby bump…that actually looks more like I had a few too many beers than anything else. Oh, well. Hopefully I will start actually “looking” pregnant soon!

Me and Zoe at London Bridge!

Me and Zoe at Notre Dame. I am holding the book "Hunchback of Notre Dame" that we bought for her there!

At Sacre Coeur in France

At the Louvre

At the base of the Eiffel Tower

At Trevi Fountain in Rome

At the Ruins next to the Colosseum in Rome

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